Square meters of facade requested (m2)
    Height of practicable last floor (m)
Alessandro Amadio:
Dati di Supporto per calcoli successivi

    m2 of facade required
    ffective height (mts) 
    Scaffolding base (mts) 
    No. of Bay
    No. of Fields 
    No. of frames in height  
    No. of practicable floor
    Quantity Cod.  
    P12V Painted frame 105 with 6 quick locks 
    P14Z Galvanized horizontal brace 1800 mm
    P15Z Galvanized diagonal brace 2122 mm
    P18Z Galvanized axial pin
    P22Z Galvanized adjustable base jack 500 mm 
    P25Z Galvanized double lateral 105 guard rail
    P26Z Galvanized toe-board 1800 mm
    P27Z Galvanized metal plank 1800 mm
    P28Z Galvanized metal plank with trap-door 1800 mm
    P29Z Galvanized trap-door ladder
    V61V Painted steel rack for scaffolding frame 
    P33Z Galvanized wall tie 600 mm
    G13Z Galvanized 4-bolts right-angle coupler
    P44Z Galvanized guard-stone element 
    P47Z Galvanized top guard-rail 1200 mm quick locks
    P37Z Complete concrete eye-bolt
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