A complete range of accessories simplifies and make easier the shoring, increasing ulteriorly the safety and the productivity. They were studied in fact in order to reduce the use of nails and hammer, and guarantees precision in the assembly even of complex structures.

Shore connection element: Easy to use, fast and secure. It is possible to realize shoring towers, which stabilize the whole structure of shoring and offset the horizontal forces during the construction of the deck. Compatible with diameters from 48 mm up to 76 mm.

Beam forming support: Solves in a fast and precise way the problem of Forming-suportcontaining the concrete and, with the integrated parapet, renders safe the transit to the finished deck.

Drop Head System: Facilitates the operation of disarmament in maximum safety and allows reuse anticipated of beams and panels.

Pallet for props (post shores): Strong and adapt to be rising by crane, is a valid aid during the movements and the stocking.

H20 wood beams for deck forming