The AC shoring Tower, thanks to its high capacity load (max 60 kN) and fast assembling, is the ideal solution for shoring at very high height (up to 12,5 Foto-torremeters). This system made of steel frames (S235JRH) provide strength, flexibility and thanks to the integration of various accessories, fits perfectly to the different types of horizontal formworks that are being use and also can be easily lifted by cranes. Designed to last longer, is also equipped with a large quantity of safety accessories as platforms, internal ladders and double lateral guardrails.

Corrosion protection:

  • Hot dip galvanization: min. thickness 50 ηm, following UNI EN 40.
  • Passive electrolytic galvanization: min. coating thickness 10 ηm.

Manufacturing Standards:

  • NF EN 12812/3
  • UNI EN 729-2:1996.